Our Story

Fancy meeting you here.

I'm a holistic nutritionist, recovering human being and a worthy mother. 

As an unprepared single parent, I returned to work two weeks after the birth of my son. Eventually my adrenals and passion wore out, and I was left to return to square one to heal and regroup. 

During this healing period I focused my energy on the services I provide, and expanded those services. I set out to offer high-quality, fresh foods in the Ottawa area that families are encouraged to make at home - but realistically who has the time or patience? 

I launched MMMFood over at mmmfood.ca to help support busy families; and here I provide the inner work. As a nutritionist, I focus on life long and sustainable health by shifting our mental models, not just our day to day patterns. 

Two Feet In.

You know where to find me: 

Facebook, Amy Mungham RHN

Insta, Amy Mungham RHN