We may not realize it, but our resolutions can be shaming, and so restricting that they actually restrict JOY from our lives. The only thing we should be doing is opening ourselves up to MORE joy, love, health, happiness, serenity + success. We do this by putting our physical, emotional and spiritual selves first. The ONE thing my clients gain the most of out of our journey together? SELF-LOVE. And in doing so, health in all areas improves. Why? Because we are choosing to love + honour ourselves in every situation. There is nothing healthier than that.


(In case we haven't met, I'm a local holistic nutritionist and momma. I teach at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, head a commercial food production business and run a start-up juicery). 



I offer one on one nutritional and lifestyle coaching for women, those with mental health issues + families. I put emotional health at the forefront of my practice. Although weight regulation may be a result of positive shifts, our focus is on hormonal, energy and mood regulation as well as shame resilience and empowerment. We celebrate our strengths and efforts. Instead of focusing on what we eliminate and restrict, we simply focus on what nourishing elements we add in. Naturally, as we add in more and more valuable + sustainable tools, foods + habits, the non-nourishing aspects fade away.


We don't refer to foods or habits as "bad"; that's attaching shame. You deserve a shame free safe space that empowers you to choose health; not be shamed into it. And it is through reconnecting you with your intuition  that you can achieve life-long health and happiness.


My clients experience a great improvement in energy, sleep and fulfilling relationships. Their connection with self and self care habits improve. Past and current clients have all experienced an improvement of mental wellness, either regulating mood swings, improving depression and lessening anxiety.


Lastly, as a trauma survivor, I add in elements of redefining healthy and necessary boundaries in all areas of our lives to ensure we can heal and grow simultaneously.


I have a full practice and am hoping to establish relationships with a handful of willing and open-minded individuals seeking something greater. As a practitioner, nothing is more rewarding and fulfilling than working with a new client and getting to show up fully for that client; embodying what support is supposed to look like. Packages + pricing can be customization depending on length of commitment. 


So let's screw the BS of adding in hours of cardio (with no results) and obsessing over hitting a number (whether that's weight or calorie restriction). Instead, let's start at the core. YOU.


(you are the light at the end of the tunnel + you are exactly where you are supposed to be)


Reach me at to schedule a Clarity Call and see if we fit.